Protection and community assistance

Area which aim is to develop activities, social projects, educational and awareness campaigns to prevent and combat the negative impact of technology on society. The area also promotes actions where technology is used as the main tool for social assistance.


Protect you Protect me. Campaign (2019)

Why do we know so little about our own security? There are several explanations to understand why we do not know how to protect ourselves. One of them has to do with the lack of family and school education regarding our relationship with technology. Internet, apps and the different devices that we use every day, joined our lives without asking for permission. We simply adapt ourselves to technologies, completely unaware of what risks come hand in hand with them.

Weiba launches the #ProtectYouProtectMe campaign with the  aim to share with people hidden information that only technicians or a small circle know. We believe that it is essential step on the awareness path when talking about the importance of the use of technology for social development.


Give a hand

We use networks to connect people who want to help others, no matter where, no matter when. We receive offers from people wanting to help selflessly with their time, profession or desire to take concrete actions in “real life”.

Give a hand seeks to be a space where people can offer their help to improve the quality of life for those who require us most, whether in health issues, education, childhood, street situation, old age and any other social issue that need a supportive hand.

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Legal Lab

The Legal Lab Project aims to provide legal advice at affordable cost, both to individuals and also to other organizations that directly or indirectly incorporate the use of technology and / or develop of computer applications.

Legal Lab is interested in solving the problems of people related to cybercrime, harassment, bullying, computer evidence, privacy, intellectual property, trademark protection, children and adolescents, among others. The Lab also provide training in these issues.