The Media area promotes the use of communication Internet related media -with an emphasis on audiovisual media- in a positive, non-violent and responsible way, with respect for freedom of expression. We also seek to advise those who want to use technology to transmit their ideas, research, projects and content, providing consultancy, infrastructure and strategic design of their communication.


Podcasts production

Our series of podcasts aims to socialize different initiatives and projects from the world of entrepreneurship, science, art, communication, among others, related to technology, from an interdisciplinary point of view.

Weiba podcasts seeks to bring knowledge and inspiring ideas, generating a space for the exchange of ideas.

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Media Project

We work enhancing, improving and building means for organizations and social initiatives.

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Online freedom of expression defense

We are defenders of liberty, and this includes the online freedom of expression. We fight to limit unilateral decisition related to the limitation of opinions. We promote different actions that encourages people to study, research and take action to reduce the negative consequences of censorship.

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