International relations and technopolitics

Internet infrastructure, user rights and policy decisions related to technology are important. Through research, training and active participation in national and international forums related to internet governance, cybersecurity and digital diplomacy, we present concrete alternatives to address the political and economic challenges of internet management.


Research. Critical Infrastructures Information (CII): Global panorama.

After submitting a proposal and competing with researchers from around the world, the WEIBA Foundation won the project “1B: Identifying Internet-Accessible Critical Information Infrastructures” sponsored by the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC). The purpose of this project was to carry out an investigation into the global situation of critical information infrastructures (CII).

For this purpose, we carry out an exhaustive compilation of the international definitions, statistics and we present a state of comparative situation of said infrastructures, together with a detailed analysis of its different components. In the final document we present a series of graphs that allow us to visualize the global panorama of the critical infrastructures of the information and several categories of analysis.

We thank the members of the “Argentina CyberSecurity Hub” group for their collaboration in the research.

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Argentina Cybersecurity Hub. First research group on cyberwar and cybersecurity

The Hub constitutes a meeting point for all the people and professionals interested in cybersecurity and cyberwar. It is a virtual place to share articles and opinions on the international political agenda. Also, the Cyberseucrity hub aims to organize different initiatives, meetings and talks as a means to disseminate and connect people interested in the subject.

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Argentina Hub for Internet Governance. Internet policy research group

Meeting space where all those interested in the subject of Internet governance can share articles and opinions on the political and technological agenda of the projects in the region.

The Hub has organized different initiatives and papers, inicluding  the first and only Spanish translation of the  Net Mundial Declaration.

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