Weiba editions 

Weiba editions constitutes our space for promotion, sociability and dissemination of activities, texts and research related to technology and social development.

The editorial aims to publish and show the results of the projects and activities of the Foundation, as well as to promote the dissemination of valuable information from third parties that produce different types of related content  of the organizations’ activities.

In this sense, we are in the search for national and international authors with a critical view on technology, its problems, social impact,  and a multidisciplinary research and disclosure of technological applications in order to promote social development.

Upcoming releases
  • Public policies on youth and technology in Argentina. An opportunity for the development of young people in the information society. Authors: Analía Aspis and Martín Vera Martínez
  • Mapping Critical Information Infrastructures. Results of the Critical Information Infrastructures (CII) project: International approach.

Upcoming calls

- Reception of articles related to technological public policies, techno-politics and technology for social development.