The Weiba Research Center promotes interdisciplinary research along with training in all relevant aspects of technology and its relationship with individuals and society, fostering national and international exchange and academic cooperation.

This space aims to become a reference epicenter of new ideas, where free thought and intellectual exchange is promoted and where researchers without distinction of age or gender will be able to exchange their visions and reflections on the relationship between technology, politics, social sciences, science, psychology, art, music, among others. Likewise, the Center will promote cooperation and development, encouraging and providing I+D projects in different knowledge sectors.

Research groups

Argentina Hub for Internet Governance

The Hub was established as a meeting space where all those interested in Internet governance could share articles and opinions on the political and technological agenda of the projects in their region. The Hub has organized different initiatives related to remote access to international conferences, as well as the first and only Spanish translation of the World Net Declaration.

Argentina CyberSecurity Hub

The Cybersecurity hub purpose is to gather people and professionals interested in cybersecurity and cyberwar. In this both virtual and personal space anyone interested in such topicscan meet in order to share articles and opinions on the international political agenda. The Hub aims to organize different initiatives, meetings and talks as a mean to disseminate and connect people interested in the subject.