We present our portfolio of completed and running projects. For more information see the text below each project.

Critical Information Infrastructures (CII): International approach

After submitting a proposal and competing with researchers from around the world, WEIBA Foundation won the project "1B: Identifying Internet-Accessible Critical Information Infrastructures" sponsored by the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC). The purpose of this project was to carry out an investigation aboutthe global situation of critical information infrastructures (CII).

For this purpose, we performed an exhaustive compilation of international definitions, carriedout statistics and we presented a state of comparative situation of critical infrastructures together with a detailed analysis of its different components. In the final document we presented a series of graphs that allow to visualize the global panorama of the critical information infrastructures and their several categories of analysis.

We thank the members of the "Argentina CyberSecurity Hub" group for their collaboration in the research. Soon we will upload the final document edited by the GCSC (available in English).

Interactive Exposition: Visions about technology

Although Argentina is known as an important artistic hub, we have observed that there is still an absence of cultural expression regarding digital rights and freedom on the Internet. In this sense, we intend to train young and emerging artists by increasing their awareness on civil and legal-political aspects of the Internet.

The project aims to carry out a series of intensive workshops where participants –in particular local artist- will be trained on ICT concepts and topics barely explored in their social groups, such as techno-politics, digital rights, and internet freedom, privacy, transparency, freedom of expression and surveillance, among others. This training is oriented to offer conceptual tools that will later serve as artistic inspiration. Thus, we hope that once the intensive workshop is over, the artists can capture and communicate to society, those concerns, findings, fears and hopes that the digital world inspires to them.

Of all the works received, we will select the most representative, impressive or creative to grant special mentions and we will share them with the community in an open and free interactive art exposition.

More information: info@fundacionweiba.org

Workshop: Current problems of access to knowledge. The role of civil society.

Thanks to the support of Creative Commons,  WEIBA Foundation will hold a free workshop for NGOs, volunteers and general public in which we will intend to contextualize the emergence of Creative Commons and the copyleft movement, the criminalization of content reproduction and the illegal access to knowledge (together with some Argentine cases), and the importance of the nature of the materials produced by social organizations. Also, we will reflect on the role that Creative Commons has in the digital world and online rights.

In this sense and as part of the training, we will publish a book and an ebook that compiles relevant introductory texts on the subject, in order to better understand its scope and consequences.

More information: info@fundacionweiba.org

Technology for Social Development Directory

We have found in our country a lot of projects that in an ingenious and interesting way apply technological solutions. However we have observed that there it is still very difficult to find concrete data of the developments, their advances and contact information.

This prompted us to create the First Directory of Technology for Social Development, which basically is an open and accessible database that gathers all this information and enables the continuity of many projects that cannot continue under the direction of its promoters.

We hope that all the information compiled serves as a source of motivation for new developments and that it facilitates its dissemination and communication.

More information: info@fundacionweiba.org

Biblio-Tech: First technology-oriented library

Biblio-Tech aims to be the largest technology-oriented library in Argentina, with national and international authors, and it will be established as an space both to think critically about technology and support national research. Initially we have collected texts during more than 10 years of investigation about the relations between technology and politics, law and culture.

We hope to be a point of reference for any researcher, not only for the consultation of particular texts but also for the recommendation of works, topics and theoretical frameworks.

We are currently doing the initial catalog of the texts.