A brief history of Weiba

Weiba Foundation for social development through technology arises from the need to apply knowledge into practice. Our team has worked for more than a decade through teaching, research and working in the technology field. For a long time our main motivation was to spread knowledge as teachers, raising awareness and working in the various technologies related areas. However, there was a deeper need that was related to our vocation to help others.

Thus, we realized that the solution to many of our national and even international social problems were not based on theoretical answers and that surely professional success was not going to replace our desire produce a positive impact in our environment. It was at that moment that we discovered that technology is a tool that we could use as a social action. We began to visualize Weiba Foundation as a vehicle for our dreams, having been officially registered in mid-2017.

From the beginning we knew that the best way to work is through diversity. That is why our projects and work team are approached from an interdisciplinary perspective where lawyers, sociologists, political scientists, engineers, journalists, artists, etc., meet to exchange and develop ideas together. We aim to be the bridge that connects different knowledges, and provides society with solutions to its needs through technology. Overall, we all feel privileged and thank God to be part of this organization, in the name of Jesus.


We consider technology a concept that brings together techniques, resources and procedures, providing pragmatic, executive and sustainable solutions. We visualize Weiba as the dynamic factor and convener of multidisciplinary knowledge that allows the development of concrete actions, both locally and internationally, with a positive impact in different sectors of society


Weiba's mission is to encourage and promote social development through technology. To do this, the Foundation, through its different areas of work, intends to capitalize on technology as a change agent of the different needs of society.


  • Encourage social development through technology
  • Promote respect for human rights on the internet
  • Represent telecommunication users and consumers
  • Work on reducing the digital division
  • Improve citizens' quality of life
  • Stimulate innovation and technological ventures
  • Ensure public access to information, knowledge and cultural participation
  • Provide training on topics related to our organization purposes
  • Identify and disseminate technological applications for the resolution of social problems
  • Promote academic exchange between specialists and professionals
  • Publish reports and documents related to our areas of work


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