Culture and Arts

Certain realities or reflections can only be said through art. Therefore, this area is intended to encourage artistic expression, access to culture and creative experimentation related to technology.


TecnoCuentos contest. Edition 2019.

TecnoCuentos invites any person interested in technology, to present a literary work that has something to say about the challenges, dilemmas, enigmas and provocations that technology presents. Regardless of the type of technology chosen as the protagonist of the story, we are interested in knowing new perspectives on the technological universe, its spaces of power, its relationships and the invisible world that they propose. You can submit a poem, a story, or texts in a free format.

We are receiving texts until February 2019.


The invisible of technology. Open talk at the Book and Language Museum

Have you ever thought that technology hides invisible realities that can affect your life without you knowing it? In this open talk we share and rethink technology from another perspective to see what is beyond the screens.

Cyberwar, the power of algorithms and networks vanity were some of the topics that were addressed.

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Art Exhibition “Technology glances” – Virtual tour

Interested in art and its social function in this virtualized world? We invite you to the Technology glances Expo – Virtual Tour where you will find the works of those who presented their conception and artistic approach on contemporary issues related to privacy, algorithms, truth, politics and techno-dependence.

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Event. Art Exhibition “Technology glances”(April 2018)

Although Argentina is known to be an important artistic hub, we have observed that there was still a lack of cultural expression regarding digital rights and freedom on the Internet. In this sense, we invite young and emerging artist to a serial of workshops and gave them train on nowadays more important issues related to the legal and political aspects of the Internet.

Also we invited them to present artistic works related to concepts and topics little explored about techno-politics, digital rights and freedom on the internet (privacy, transparency, oblivion, freedom of expression and surveillance, among others).

Our goal was to capture, through artist proposals those concerns, findings, fears and hopes that the digital world presents. The Art Exhibition presents the most representative, impressive or creative proposals received.

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Workshops on digital rights, digital culture and internet freedom (February 2018)

On the 7th and 9th of February, we gave different workshops at Espacio Pla Art Gallery.

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Talk on digital rights, digital culture and internet freedom (February 2018)

On February 24, we gave a talk at the Matienzo Cultural Center.

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